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A Bbq Can Offer Great Food And Fun

First off lets identify what BBQ is. BBQ has been associated with grilling outside with friends and family. Grilling is a method of cooking food fast at high temperatures. True BBQ is the complete opposite. You cook the food for a long period of time at a low temperature. This allows for more tender and flavorful meat. Pork and beef are the commonly used meats. The different animal parts can range from ribs to cooking the whole animal, which is common with pig. It can be referred to as whole hog.

Most meat is smoked for hours in a special smoker. This allows for a unique and authentic taste. The meat is usually treated with some type of rub before cooking that also adds a desired flavor. The best beef to use is the more tender cuts. Cuts that have a layer of fat and marbling are ideal and help trap the flavor. Tender cuts of beef can include rib eye and t-bone steaks. The tenderloin offers some of the tenderest cuts but can be more expensive. The most common cuts of pork would most likely be the ribs. But pulled pork can come from the shoulder or butt. Choosing the right meat is very important in preparing the best BBQ possible.
BBQ sauces can also be added before, during and after cooking. Be careful not to add sauces before cooking that contain tomatoes or sugars, this causes the meat to burn easily. Sauces can come in all types and flavors. Some sauces may be thin and runny while others are thick. Some may add some spice while others are sweet and even tangy in taste. You can find recipes and attempt to make your own sauce or buy some. You can easily find sauces at your local supermarket but for unique flavors you may want to look online or visit a favorite BBQ restaurant. Most restaurants will offer their prized sauces to the public.